Local Rules below are subject to change. Players are advised to check the Local Rules board located outside the Proshop prior to play.

a) Those areas beyond the inside line of the boundary fences of the Club
b) Those areas beyond the inside line of white stakes with black tops
c) Those areas designated as the Carpark, Ceremony Area, Clubhouse or Maintenance Shed
d) A ball which crosses Boundary Road (which is out of bounds) and comes to rest beyond that road, is out of bounds even though it may lie on another part of the course
e) 7th Hole: A ball hit when playing the 7th hole finishing onto the designated section of the 8th fairway will be deemed OOB. The 8th fairway is lined with OUT OF BOUNDS stakes that extend on both side of the 8th fairway from the 100 metre marker to 30 metres in front of the ladies forward 8th tee. No relief can be obtained from the OOB stakes whilst playing the 7th hole; relief may be obtained from these OOB stakes under Rule 24-2 when playing any other hole

a) Areas encircled by white paint. The white paint may appear in any of the following ways – dots, broken lines or unbroken lines
b) Clearly defined wheel ruts caused by course machinery
c) Washaways in bunkers and at the margin of bunkers
d) Landscaped/ornamental garden beds surrounded by a border
e) Blue lines on closely mown areas
f) 4th Hole Green Nursery (Compulsory GUR). Players MUST use the designated Drop Zone
g) 7th Hole Green Nurseries (Compulsory GUR). Players MUST use the designated Drop Zone
h) Ant hills are, by definition, loose impediments and, through the green, may be removed without penalty. If removal is not possible or dangerous (e.g. fire ants), the hill/nest should be treated as Ground Under Repair and relief may be taken under Rule 25-1b
i) Areas severely damaged as a result of a non-burrowing animal

a) The artificial surfaces and sides of roads and paths eg:
– Track adjacent to 10th fairway, along fairway and continuing to the 13th fairway
– Rear of 5th Green and adjacent to 6th Tee
– 16th Hole Dropping Zones: as an additional option for a ball finishing on the pathway between the blue lines, the ball may be dropped in the dropping zone indicated
b) All stakes, sponsor and course indicator signs, distance markers, irrigation pumps and controllers

The Specimen Local Rule on pages 146-147 of the Rules of Golf Book is in effect

All bark areas and roads that are not artificially surfaced are integral parts of the course

If a tree or shrub, that is staked and/or protected by a tree guard, interferes with the player’s stance or the area if their intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted, without penalty, and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 24-2b

Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies)

EMBEDDED BALL (Extended to Through the Green)
The Specimen Local Rule on page 142 of the Rules of Golf Book is in effect

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule
Stroke Play – 2 Strokes
Match Play – Loss of Hole